Inspired by my love of cooking/baking as well as my thousands of food/drink pictures, I mentioned in passing to some close friends and my boyfriend how I wanted to get back into blogging so I could share my love of food and adventure with the world.

I clearly was extra good this year because Santa bought me this site as one of my presents (in addition to lots of awesome kitchen supplies)!

I should probably start by explaining my nickname.  In my recent quest for a new place to live and in my search for prospective roommates, my friend’s husband fondly deemed me “Million Pound Mary” because if they lived with us, they’d be a million pounds (I’m not exactly known for making the healthiest things)!  I’ve since then embraced the name and grown to love it.

While I don’t expect to make waves, I love to share fun, happy, positive things with everyone whenever I can.  It’s truly the little things in life that are actually the biggest things.

Here, you won’t find any super secret recipes or magical tricks.  As cheesy as it sounds, my secret ingredient to everything I make is the love I put into making it.  There’s something so special about making something for others, and food is a simple thing that so often brings people together.  For this blog, I invite you to share in my adventures, to try out some of my favorite recipes, and to follow along on what I hope is a bright light in the midst of all of the crazy things going on in this world.

Thank you so much for visiting!  I hope you enjoy following along!

Fair warning: this site has proven far more difficult and beyond my technical abilities than previous blogging attempts, so bear with me!


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